Two Handed Templar Medieval Sword




Two Handed Templar Medieval Sword 1300 – 1350 A.D Museum of London, original found in the River Thames in London. Type: XIIIa

The cross on the sword pommel sheds lights as to the origins of this Two Handed Templar battle ready sword. The Templars formed at the end of the First Crusade as a group of knights who took monastic vows, swearing to protect pilgrims traveling from Europe to the Holy Land. While the Order began without wealth, living off donations from villagers, the Templars emerged as an extremely wealthy and politically powerful organisation. The corrosion found on the original Templar medieval sword indicates that the sword was thrown into the river, probably deliberately, when the Order was dissolved by Edward II in 1314. At the time, many Templars were executed or imprisoned, and in 1314 the Order’s last Grand Master, Jacques de Molay, was burned at the stake.

Numerous photographs of the original Two Handed Templar battle ready sword are published in “The Journal of Arms and Armour Society”, (Oakeshott, E. “A war sword of the XIVth Century in the Guildhall Museum”).

The embellishing of the pommel, with its decorative cross, was common among the Templars, giving clear indication as to its origin. While preserving the historical aspects of this Two handed Templar sword, we opted to stamp the throat of the sheath with the Templars seal – depicting two Templars on a single horse, thus conjuring an image of their humble beginnings. The Latin text, Sigillum Militum Χρisti , translates “the Seal of the Soldiers of Christ”.

As a medieval weapons, the Two handed Templar battle ready sword is a massive and powerful piece, beautifully balanced for optimum functionality. The two inch wide medieval sword blade provides not only powerful cutting blows but can thrust through armor with ease.

  • Total length: 48″
  • Blade length: 38.5″
  • Blade width at base: 2″
  • Weight: 3 lbs. 9 oz.
  • POB: 4″

Additional information

Weight 3.90 lbs
Dimensions 48 in


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