Pompeii Roman Gladius


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The Pompeii gladius is named after the Roman town of Pompeii, which was destroyed by volcanic eruption in 79 AD with great loss of life, despite efforts of the Roman navy to evacuate the town. Four instances of this sword type were found there, with others being excavated elsewhere. The Pompeii gladius has parallel cutting edges and a triangular tip. This well constructed hand-forged blade by Deepeeka differs from our normal Pompeii Gladius is by having a simulated bone grip handle and different hand-forging process. It still maintains the carbon steel blade and is well balanced and suitable for cutting if sharpened.

 Pompeii Roman Gladius Features:

  • Hand forged high carbon steel blade
  • Blunt
  • Full tang
  • Simulated bone handle
  • Wood guard and pommel
  • Battle ready
  • Suitable for costumes and reenactments


  • Blade: 21″
  • Overall: 29″

*Due to the hand made nature of this item; Specs will vary slightly from piece to piece.

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Dimensions 29 in


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