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The first crusade took place between 1096 and 1099 led by Roman Catholic in Europe as a military expedition to regain holy lands lost to Muslims in the conquest of Levant between 632 and 661. This crusade led to the recapture of Jerusalem. The crusade itself was led by Pope Urban II. The centre of the crusade, as well as those that would follow was Jerusalem, which was and still is a sacred city for Judaism, Islam as well as Christianity. The crusades started when Christians’ access to Jerusalem was cut off when Seljuk Turks defeated the Byzantine army. The Byzantine emperor fearing that a majority of Asian minorities would be overrun by the Muslims called on western Christian leaders to help regain Jerusalem. In addition, the Muslims had destroyed a majority of Christian holy site as well as persecuted many Christians.
What followed were numerous land and sea travels by knights and peasants from Western Europe nations. There was also a children’s crusade in 1212. Eventually, many peasants who did not have as much training as the knights, and who also were in a different army from the knights, didn’t make it to Jerusalem. The knights eventually managed to regain Jerusalem but did not hand it over back to the Byzantine emperor. However, some crusader states were established. What followed were a series of crusades that ran for almost a century. They were mostly called upon after the Muslims retaliated and took over territories they had lost in the previous crusade and “conquered” more territory. The last crusade was the ninth crusade that took place between 1271 and 1272 and was led by to-be Edward I of England. It was, however, fruitless as were many of the crusades.
During the crusades, the knights as well as the people that volunteered to fight in the crusades used the cruciform sword which was encouraged by the church. When held with the point down, the sword resembles a cross in which Christ died. The sword was encouraged to be used so that it could remind the knights, as well as the other soldiers of their Christianity religion and the greater purpose of the war. Moreover, the sword’s shape offered protection to the hand in certain attacks that allowed the cross to trap the enemy’s blade.

The consequences of the crusades were the mass slaughter of human lives on both sides in which Jews, Muslims as well as the Christians slaughtered each other depending on which side was superior. Women were also raped, cities were devastated and new territories were created. Many of the youths who participated in the Children’s crusade of 1212 did not make it to their destination or back home. Most of them were capture and sold as lifetime slaves. In addition, the pope’s power increased due to his influence during the times of the crusades. The crusades also opened up trade routes between the East and the West as well as the need to improve armies on both sides. The interaction during the war contributed much to developments in science, philosophy, education, as mathematics, socially as well medicine. It also enhanced the appetite for exploration.

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– Chris D., Michigan, U.S.A.

-“Just received the sword today. I’m at a loss for words, it is truly magnificent, the workmanship is first class, it’s beauty and balance sings in your hands. The smell and the weight commands respect, this is a most respected piece of work. Please thank all the artisans that worked on this, their work is very appreciated, thank you for keeping this part of history and skill alive.
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Darksword Armoury Crusader Sword Features:
  • Hand forged 1060 carbon steel blade                       
  • Sharpened
  • Mild steel guard and pommel
  • Dark brown leather wrapped grip
  • Leather wrapped scabbard
  • Leather belt             
  • Battle Ready – Fully Functional
Blade: 1060 High Carbon Steel
Guard and pommel: Mild Steel
Total length: 34.5″
Blade length: 27.5″
Blade width at base: 2.2″
Weight: 2 lbs. 5 oz.

Additional information

Weight 2.50 lbs
Blade and Scabbard Type

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