14th Century Gothic Medieval Sword




14th C. Medieval Sword, Original on Display at the Royal Ontario Museum This 14th Century Gothic Medieval Sword is inspired by the original, currently on display at the Royal Ontario Museum. Similar battle ready swords, belonging to the same blade typology,  are on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Arts. With the advent of heavy armor, this Gothic Medieval Sword was an innovation in functionality. While the wide blade was used to break through armor and wound opponents, the heavily tapered tip  of the sword was designed to pierce armor gaps. Given the functional aspects of this style Gothic Medieval Sword, This blade type become of common use  throughout Europe during the 14th & 15th C. The 14th Century Gothic Medieval Sword, commonly known as a Dagesse sword, is a faithful reproduction of the popular cut and thrust battle ready sword. The diamond shaped blade, wide at the shoulders, with a heavy tapper to the narrow tip, brings the point of balance back for excellent tip control. The guard and pommel are made of solid brass, as is the original on display in the Royal Ontario Museum. A unique take on the traditional arming battle ready sword. Photograph of the original sword: 14th C. Sword, Original on Display at the Royal Ontario Museum

  • Total length: 34.5″
  • Blade length: 27.5″
  • Blade width at base: 3″
  • Weight: 2 lbs 7 oz

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Weight 2.70 lbs


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