We are constantly on the look out for outstanding forges with outstanding reputation for swords and accessories. We test many swords to see if they stand up to the rigorous usages by a re-enactor and do they stand out to be in a collectors private collection. We are picky when it comes to swords why? That’s because we have a reputation to maintain. We have a goal to become the ultimate source for battle ready, fully functional swords for HEMA, NEMA, Full Contact Combat re-enactors. Being swords people ourselves, we also understand what a collector is looking for. 


We are pleased to announce our partnership with CAS Iberia, the stockists of Hanwei, Tinker Pearce, Paul Chen Swords as well as GEN2, Legacy Arms and GDFB swords, clothing and memorabilia. What does this mean for you , our customers? We are able to offer swords at special prices direct from the manufacturer rather than a re-seller, in turn passing the savings onto our customers.

Michael “Tinker” Pearce is one of the pre-eminent makers of custom medieval-style swords, with a large international following in the collector and Western Martial Arts communities. His swords have a long-standing reputation for durability and performance. Tinker has introduced many of the concepts of modern sword design such as authentic weight, balance and dynamic characteristics that have become standards in the industry.

We intend to bring you swords that are hard to find and last a lifetime. Made for real swordsmen and collectors alike. Fee free to look through the collection by clicking here. Tell us what swords would you like to see in our collection and we will endeavor to get them for you.

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