Here at the Imperial School of Swordsmanship, we hope to enable all that come to train with us with the same level of enthusiasm and passion for Medieval Swordsmanship that got us started.

Over centuries, many a Sword Master has written numerous Treaties and Instructions for their Lords, Kingships and Nobel men, however unlike the eastern treaties that have been passed down through generation, the western or Historical European Martial Arts Treaties are limited in availability.

There are many surviving instructions in Log Swords, Rapier, Scottish Broadswords etc. in circulation and can be acquired through libraries or specialist book stores, there is just so much these book teach due to the language barrier as the methodology.

We aspire to study and learn the principals of swordsmanship without the boundaries of a particular system but rather to observe and understand the similarities of footwork, style, methodology and pedagogy of different martial arts while putting them into practical application terms for deeper understanding.


Training Options

SwordFit is an unique and exciting way in to lose weight, burn fat, and tone muscle, More importantly to learn the age old art of being a Knight, wielding a sword. Join us for a program that combines the age old techniques of swordplay using specialized and authentically balanced training swords combined with modern physical conditioning science to create a program that exercises your mind and body.

Stage Combat Sword Training is a specialized Focus Training to teach aspiring actors be it for Film, Screen or Theater to understand, learn and master the Medieval Sword Skills. This goes hand in hand with the principals of stage combat foremost of which is Safety for oneself and their stage performance partner. The course teaches the dramatization techniques, camera angles violence choreography, kicks, pushes, slaps, punches, knapps.

The Stage Combat Sword Training Course is limited to a maximum of 6 students at the moment and will run for 10 weeks. At the end of 10 weeks the students must perform a short story with the help of their training partner to demonstrate the understanding of the sword techniques, footwork, safety, dramatization.

We also offer specialized workshop / training for acting students or groups from a specific school to help choreograph the screen play they may be working on.

***NOTE: The Certificate provided is a Certificate of Proficiency and Completion only. This certificate is not offered by or in conjunction with any organization, locally or internationally.


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Accepting Enrollment: Dramatic Sword & Combat Training new intake


Imperial School of Swordsmanship

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