The Dramatic Sword & Combat Training

From slaps and hair pulls to kicking and punching, being armed with a Broad Sword and Unarmed moves are the most common combat techniques theatrical and Screen performers are likely to come across when auditioning.

This course is suitable for complete beginners and ideal for anyone interested in theater, musical theater, opera or film.

You will build a foundation in many dramatic sword combat techniques, enhancing your acting skill set and unarmed fight techniques to keep you safe in your theatrical fights:

  • Introduction to fundamental combat techniques in unarmed and medieval sword work
  • Application of those techniques through performing choreographed fights
  • Learn to work effectively as a fight partner
  • Gain an understanding of safety
  • Acting the fight
  • Understand performing fights.

The students are awarded a certificate of proficiency on successful demonstration of proper techniques and proficiency in a testing system of choreographed sequences in the methods and skills of the Imperial School of Swordsmanship. 

Dramatic Combat

Jeasy is the founder and senior instructor at the Imperial School of Swordsmanship. He is a martial artist and swordsman. Jeasy trains students in the skill and style of The Imperial School.

As with all things, The term “Stage Combat” stems from Medieval (Eastern, Oriental, Western) martial arts and swordsmanship, The art of Swordsmanship is more than the blade bashing in Hollywood movies and TV Shows. Its the art of self discipline.

The students learn the art of medieval swordsmanship and combat principals for dramatization purposes to show proficiency in industry led standards.

The 10 week certification program teaches beginners skills in medieval swordsmanship and combat techniques for dramatization purposes while learning partner and self safety for stage and screen. Practical implementation of skills in a choreographed sequence and more.

The dramatization training techniques and choreography are designed and prescribed for training purposes by experienced sword masters from California. This is to ensure industry standards and safety for all participants in the course. All training is done using Approved Safety Training Synthetic Swords however students are advised to get protective gear prior to sparring practice.

The art of dramatic combat turns a performer into an action hero or an incredible villain. Safety and optimum audience effect go hand-in-glove, whether it’s a slap in a drama, a Shakespearian swordfight, or a massive battlefield in a war film.

Our workshops and courses aim to equip every actor with the ability to safely fight with swords, and unarmed combat in believable and thrilling scenes.


Benefits for the Actor/Actress

  • Impressive techniques to create a climactic moment in any show.
  • Injury prevention with the practice and critique of safe movement.
  • Mastery of the instrument. The body and mind will be under maximum stress in a fight scene.
  • Improve your fitness while learning practical performance skills.

Lesson Priorities

Every class and workshop is focused on the practical application of dramatic combat principles, and students practice every skill under close

Successful students master:

  • Safety: The performer needs to move with high speed and intensity, without risking any kind of injury.
  • Storytelling: It’s part of the play/movie and the actor learns to incorporate combat into a scene.
  • Style: Techniques change based on history and geography. A student needs to practice a versatile system

In each workshop and class, students learn some or all of the following topics:

  • Basic swordplay
  • Basic unarmed techniques
  • Creating the illusion of injury or death
  • Filming action scenes
  • Historical context
  • Terminology of martial arts




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