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Dramatic Sword & Combat Certificate Training


Dramatic Sword & Combat Training is a specialized Focus Training to teach performers the Sword and Combat skills for dramatization and entertainment purposes. Limited spots; Every Saturday (as per Event Calendar) from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Next Course Start Date: T.B.A, Course Duration: 10 Weeks, Total Spots: 6 students

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Dramatic Sword & Combat Training Certificate


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Dramatic Sword & Combat Training is a specialized Focus Training to teach aspiring performers to understand, learn and master the Medieval Sword Skills. This goes hand in hand with the principals of dramatic combat foremost of which is safety for oneself and their performance partner. The course teaches the dramatization techniques, violence choreography, kicks, pushes, slaps, punches, knapps.

The Dramatic Sword & Combat Training Course has limited spots per intake and will run for 10 weeks.

This course is suitable for complete beginners and ideal for anyone interested in theater, musical theater, opera or film. It will provide you with an excellent foundation to cope with reenacting many roles requiring fights.

You will build a foundation in sword combat techniques, enhancing your acting Unarmed Combat techniques to keep you safe in your dramatized fights:

  • Introduction to fundamental Dramatic Sword & Combat Training in unarmed and medieval sword work
  • Application of those techniques through performing choreographed fights
  • Learn to work effectively as a fight partner
  • Gain an understanding of safety
  • Acting the fight
  • Understand performing fights.
  • Dramatization techniques to sell the combat performance.

At the end of 10 weeks the students must perform a short story with the help of their training partner to demonstrate the understanding of the sword techniques, footwork, safety, dramatization.

Learn important combat principles, such as timing and targeting, distance and cooperation, with which you can build a convincing illusion of violence.

Each class features solo practice to learn and understand techniques and movements, a pairs lesson to put the techniques into context, and time to practice and show off what you learned.

This training is a training in the martial art of swordsmanship for dramatization purposes and is meant for entertainment and fitness purposes only. 

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