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The Lightsaber has been revered by many as a weapon of choice for a more civilized era. From the advent of the Star Wars movie franchise to current day collectors; the Lightsaber holds a special place. The lightsaber is a sword made of energy or light combined with the magical powers of The Force.

The Lightsaber training, like all other form of martial arts, demands a commitment from its bearer in training and perfection.

The League of Jedi: Lightsaber Training is a unique form of fitness and martial arts training in the art of swordsmanship using battle ready, full contact lightsabers.

The principals of the art of lightsaber training lie deep within the Martial Art of Swordsmanship both eastern and western.

The participants learn the basics of swordsmanship, footwork, stances, attacks, parries, feints, as well as a special addition of combat training including unarmed combat techniques. Honour and distinction can only be acquired through continuous practice.


An Elegant Weapon for a more Civilized Age


The Imperial School of Swordsmanship recommends the use of battle ready, full contact lightsabers in The League of Jedi: Lightsaber Training.

The participant can use any leading brand of Lightsaber as long as they are full contact certified.

We’ve partnered with KyberLight Light Sabers: The Greatest Custom Lightsaber to bring you the Master Jedi and Knight Lightsabers.

The other brands we approve are Ultrasabers, Saberforge Vaders Vault. If you have a light saber that is from another company, it must be approved by our instructors for safe use during training.

We do not entertain any of the Hasbro or Disney Lightsaber Toys as these are for display purposes only.

The lightsabers can be with or without sound however must be light up enabled and have a full contact blade.

From time to time The League of Jedi will have the opportunity to dress up in full costume to showcase the skills of the training for marketing purposes, star wars conventions, comicon, armageddon, fund raising and more.

Do you have what it takes to Master The Force!

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