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Welcome to Imperial School of Swordsmanship. The school has been a project that we’ve been hoping to work on for the past 3 years since the start of Imperial Swords.

Founded in 2013, Imperial Swords has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a hobby and passion in a home studio in God’s Own New Zealand. Imperial Swords started out of the passion and love for Swords. This passion soon turned into a gift worth sharing with others giving us the impetus to turn our passion and inspiration into to a booming online store.

We are pleased to have found a great location and hope to have the school training a new generational breed of Swordsmen & women who are not only adept in the art of Swordsmanship but also develop a great character, sound mind and peak fitness.

We train with special approved training swords for safety reasons. We offer lecture sessions from time to time while showcasing “Real Swords”.

Jeasy is the founder and senior instructor at the Imperial School of Swordsmanship. As a martial artist and swordsman, he has been training since an early age and has trained in different aspects of the art of war, Shaolin Kung Fu, Sikh Shastra Vidhya (The Study of Weapons), as well as the Medieval Art of Swordsmanship as per the instructions written by masters in treaties like Paradoxes of Defence, I.33 Marozzo, Giovanni Dall’Agocchie and others. Jeasy has also been self training in the art of Tai Chi Jian and Saber. This vast array of training has enabled Jeasy a deeper understanding of the similarities of the art of swordsmanship through the differt styles and era, he has been practicing a unison method of transistioning from one practical application through to the other. The  Imperial School of Swordsmanship is a method developed by Jeasy to look at the intricacies and the different styles from a practical application while understanding the similarities and trasitioning from one style into the other.

SwordFit is a unique combination of aerobic and anarobic excercise while learning the art of swordsmanship to give the body a complete workout. Working the Core, Arms, Legs, Glutes, Chest, Shoulders. This is a Fun way of exercising without straining your body and is suitable for all ages, all levels of fitness. We have memebrs ranging fro 12 years through to 75+.

As with all things, The term “Stage Combat” stems from need of dramatization of the Medieval (Eastern, Oriental, Western) martial arts and swordsmanship, The art of Swordsmanship is more than the blade bashing in Hollywood movies and TV Shows. Its the art of self discipline.

The students learn the art of medieval swordsmanship and combat principals for Fitness, Overall Body Workout. Those students who participate in our Stage Combat Training learn dramatization purposes over and beyond the medieval swordsmanship to show proficiency in industry led standards.

We plan to invite International Sword Masters Jan Bryant and Dan Speaker from California and Fight Director and FDC Instructor Siobhan Richardson from Canada in the near future to teach Master Classes and to offer “Stage Combat Certification.



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