Shipping Policy

Here at Imperial Swords, we are always working as fast as possible to get you your new swords as soon as possible. Usually your package, after the payment clearance goes for a quick quality test and then is packaged ready to be picked up by the freight forwarding company to be shipped to you. We use many different methods to ensure a safe, reliable and best priced option to get your purchase to you at the earliest.

Most of our items if marked “In Stock” are 99% of the times available to you, if for some reason, we deem that a product is not available or can not be shipped, we will contact you at the earliest to advise of your options.

**Note**By purchasing an item on Imperial Swords, you confirm that you are at least 18 year of age or over and can legally be entitled to the possession of an edged weapon. You must confirm all legal authorities for your country for custom import prohibitions. Imperial Swords will not be held liable for any forfeiture or detainment by the local governing body of your country or customs, or police services of your purchase and no negotiations will be entered into in that context. It is solely your duty to check with local laws and confirm that you can import your purchased item into your country. No Refunds will be provided in this scenario nor would we entertain any negotiation.

If an item ordered by the customer is refused acceptance for delivery by the shipping country due to custom provisions, we will advise the customer. We will attempt to provide the customer with a replacement product option. If a FREE SHIPPING Voucher or Coupon is used for the customer order and the item can’t be shipped for custom regulation reasons, the voucher or coupon will be Void and any shipping cost for items shipped within the single customer order will be payable by the customer.

We have a Flat Rate Shipping Policy here at Imperial Swords meaning, there are no surprises to you. There are a few different shipping classes we use to calculate the flat rate, They are:

  • Worldwide Flat Rate Swords
  • Worldwide Flat Rate XL Swords
  • Worldwide Flat Rate Sword Accessories
  • Worldwide Flat Rate Displays
  • Worldwide Flat Rate Specialty Swords

These are fully transparent shipping costs that we have negotiated with different freight companies and calculated based on the safest and most efficient shipping methods to you.

Once your order is processed and picked up for shipping, we will send you a confirmation email and any tracking numbers if applicable. These shipping rates were last reviewed in September 2016. Imperial Swords reserves all rights to alter / change these rates in the future without prior notice.

**SHIPPING UPDATE**: Starting Effectively as of 10/08/2016, A Few of the Cas Hanwei & Related Products can only be shipped within United States due to International Custom Provisions changes. Please Contact Us to inquire if the item can be shipped to your country. We will endeavor to advise all customer of this policy change. If you have ordered a Cas Hanwei Product prior to this date and reside out of United States or New Zealand, we will contact you to advise you of the options available due to the custom policy changes. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. All appropriate products will be clearly labeled with this shipping restriction. Please look for the yellow info box as shown below:

Shipping Restrictions Apply outside of US – Contact US to inquire if this item can be shipped to your country.

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