Sell Your Old Swords!



If you have a sword or other re-enactment gear that you no longer need, any kind of armour, shield, helmet etc, whether it is for re-enactment or decoration you could list it on our customer listing pages.

This Is How.
Just send the full description of the item you wish to list plus a maximum of four photos and the listing price. We will list the item on your behalf on Imperial Swords. We will list the item until sold or for six months whichever is the soonest. You must advise us if the product has SOLD. We will send you an invoice for USD$45 for listing fees. Once you have paid the initial listing fees, your item will be available on Imperial Swords

We will list your item until sold or for six months for a fee of USD$45 paid prior to item being listed + 10% per listing + PayPal fees (We deduct this cost automatically). The buyer pays us including shipping costs, we forward the buyers details to you, you ship the product to the buyer and provide us the tracking number. We then Process the funds minus 10% + Paypal Fees and send you the funds via PayPal only. We have fixed shipping costs of USD$95 for most items. You must adhere to these costs. For more information on our shipping policy, please read: Shipping Policy 

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