Imperial School of Swordsmanship


Imperial School of Swordsmanship is based in Auckland, New Zealand. We practice the modern arts of swordplay and support them with a solid strength-training foundation. Our innovative program combines historical knowledge, modern sports coaching, and athletic training to give every student the tools they need to become a stronger, fitter, and well adept in the art of historical sword fencing.

***New*** Stage Combat Sword Fight Training starting soon.

SwordFit is an unique and exciting way in to lose weight, burn fat, and tone muscle, More importantly to learn the age old art of being a Knight, wielding a sword. Join us for a program that combines the age old techniques of swordplay using specialized and authentically balanced training swords combined with modern physical conditioning science to create a program that exercises your mind and body.

Our Program

Our program brings together the following elements:

  • Swordplay and martial arts training – Wield weapons and learn true martial arts technique.
  • Mobility, strength, and structure – Swordplay requires coordination, quickness, power, and stability, making it one of the most dynamic workouts you can find.
  • Varied workouts – With martial techniques, circuit training, sword work and calisthenics, you will experience ever-changing workouts.
  • Mental and physical – You will strengthen your body, engage your mind, and build your confidence.
  • **NEW** Stage Combat Sword Fight Training – For all budding actors, theater and screen professionals or students. Learn the basic skill set to be a true swordsman while learning how to be safe, keep your partner safe, dramatization, and stage combat movement. This is a new training and is a stand alone module.
  • This will be a stand alone module, prices coming soon. At the end of the training, you will be asked to choreograph a short 10 minute story fight for Certification Test.


With our fitness and conditioning program you will:

  • Build core strength, flatten your stomach, and increase your endurance
  • Start a workout you can actually stick with
  • Build a warrior’s physique while training like one
  • Feel great about your workout and great about yourself

Get in touch with us to register your interest. Now at new location.

283 Great North Rd, Henderson, Auckland 0612

***New*** Stage Combat Sword Fighting Certificate course Starting Soon.


Imperial School of Swordsmanship

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