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Authorised Dealer Status

We are constantly on the look out for outstanding forges with outstanding reputation for swords and accessories. We test many swords to see if they stand up to the rigorous usages by a re-enactor and do they stand out to be in a collectors private collection. We are...

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Is Cutting Practice useful for Historical Fencers

There are two types of fencers in the modern day, The Historical Fencer and the Modern Day Competitive or Sports Fencers. Our post relates to The Historical Fencer or a Swordsman. There are many groups around the world that practice LARP and those who practice HEMA....

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The 2000yrs old Legend of Ming Jian Sword

Ganjiang and Ouye (both active 500BC, early Warring States Period) were the 2 most famous and legendary swordsmiths in Chinese history. Top pic -- Bronze weapon of King Goujian (ruled 496-465 BC) of the State of Yue of the Warring States Period. The 8 archaic Chinese...

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A Sword Owner’s Manual

You have just heard the courier van pull up and are excited about your new sword. Perhaps you’re planning to put it on your wall, or use it for cutting practice. Regardless of what you’re planning to do, we have compiled a short list of things you should do and things...

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